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Reflexology is one of the most widely used therapies today. It concentrates on certain areas of the body, such as feet, hands, and face, in order to promote health and well being of the client. It is an innovative medicinal practice, relating to the application of pressure to particular areas known as reflex points on feet, hands and face, ensuring complete relaxation during the session.
Reflexology operates on every organ and system in the body, relaxing the nervous system and stimulating the body’s own healing capabilities.


Relieves stress & tension & has a deeply relaxing effect.
Improves blood circulation
It helps release trapped nervous energy & improves neural efficiency.
It activates the body’s healing
Improves waste removal and elimination
Strengthen immunity

Cost and duration
50 mins: €40

Oncology Reflexology

Reduce pain & anxiety
Relieve symptoms such as nausea, stress & insomnia
Help lift mood and give a feeling of well being
Boost the immune system
Balance vital life force energy flow throughout  the body Reduce sinus problems/ running nose
Reduce back problems
Help relieve digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea and nausea
Boost energy levels
Helps to relieve stress, fear and anxiety and promote relaxation
Helps to improve sleep
Promote the sense of well being and thus improves quality of life.

Cost and duration
60 mins: €45

Fertility Reflexology

General preparation for pregnancy
Balances endocrine system
Balances all body systems
Reduce stress and tension
Promote deep relaxation
Helps to regulate the  menstrual  cycle
Helps to relieve symptoms such as PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts
Balancing the energy of reproductive system

Cost and duration
60 mins: €45

Face Reflexology

Benefits :

Relieves stress and strain
Relieves head ache, sinus problems and Migraine
Relieves insomnia and promote better sleep
Improves concentration
Improves brain function
Improves lymphatic drainage
Promote relaxation

Cost and duration
60 mins: €45

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