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Natural Facial

A Natural  Facial treatment enhances the  health and beauty of face. It plays a vital role in our
self-esteem and confidence.
A natural facial uses a combination of massage techniques with the application of purely natural
products. This treatment will leave you with a positive, vibrant and radiant appearance.

A natural facial treatment consist of :

  • cleansing the face & neck with a gentle plant- based cream.
  • toning with aromatic water
  • using a warm compress to open the pores and aid absorption of oils into the skin.
  • application of a natural mask to draw out impurities.
  • massage of the face, neck and scalp with plant oils.

Benefits of Natural Facial

Natural products provide nourishment to the skin, enhanced by massage
Aids the remove of dead cells, promotes cell regeneration
Softens wrinkels and expression lines
Soothes inflamed skin, eczema, and psoriasis
Circulatory tonic, promotes lymphatic draining, detoxifies
Reduces puffiness around eyes
Release muscle tension
Improves skin suppleness and skin tone
Promotes a relaxed confident expression and radiant appearance
Cost and duration
70mins: €50

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