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As a yoga practitioner I believe learning and practicing Meditation can help us to get rid of misery. It helps  us to overcome our problems, bringing peace and joy to our mind.
Meditation not only relieves stress and tension, it enhances our abilities to face life’s challenges and helps us to let go of the old repetitive, negative behaviour allowing us to begin living a happy and healthy life.
It has been scientifically proven that positive thoughts bring positive results to body cells. As Meditation brings about a prolonged positive state of mind, it rejuvenates body cells and slow down decay.
Meditation is food for the soul. It keeps our body in shape, aids our nervous system, boosts our mind and brings clarity. It stimulates our alertness, improves our perception, gives us confidence to express ourselves and helps us in our relationships with other people.


Meditation for Positive energy

This guided meditation gives you an experience of relaxing your mind and body, clearing your negative thoughts and bringing confiden ce.It helps to enhance concentration and focus.
This meditation takes approximately thirty-five minutes
Cost is €15 per session


Meditation for deep sleep

Guided deep sleep meditation will take you in a state of calming and relaxing your mind. It help you to relieve your tension and anxiety. Bringing calm and peace to your mind.
This meditation takes approximately thirty-five minutes
Cost is €15 per session


Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is an outdoor, group activity. We can meditate while walking rhythmically and learn to let go of negative thoughts, helping us to enjoy every step of our lives. It can help us to organised and manage out stress.
Can provide walking Meditation in your own location to suit your own time.

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