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Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi ear candling is non – evasive treatment of the ears and gently effective for various
ailments. Hopi ear candles are not candles as such, but hollow tubes made out of cotton,flax
or hemp infused with beeswax, extract of honey, herbs-Chamomile, sage, Lavender St.john’s wort etc.

Ear candle work on a chimney principle, promotes the natural release of excessive ear wax from
the ear canal, balancing and regulating pressure in the ear.

On completion of both ears, the treatment is enhanced with soothing massage of the face, neck,
ears and scalp: this  helps to increase circulation, clear the sinuses and promote relaxation.
The treatment can have a significant effect on balancing the body and giving a feeling of well

Benefits of ear candling

Excessive/compacted ear wax
Glue ear
Tinnitus/ringing ear sinus problems
Hay fever, colds/flu
Rhinitis/sore throats snoring (in some cases)
Menieres disease/vertigo pressure regulation, divers ear,  stress
Cost and duration
45mins: €35

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